"Addiction means, at some point, you're breaking laws.  Know your rights"

There are many legal defenses in cases of drug possession, distribution, of Driving Under the Influence (DUI). The best criminal law defense is offense: Not doing the drug. The Law Office of Sim Gershon 'gets it' that while actively addicted, you have a disease that convinces you to put the drug ahead of all else. Sim can help with your legal consequences while you get help for your illness.

Criminal defense without enabling

In cases of drug possession or the sale/delivery of drugs it's very important to seek the advice of a criminal attorney specializing in this type of case. That's almost as important as getting help for the drug that put you in law enforcement's cross hairs. Think about it: 100 percent of people with no relationship with alcohol or other drugs have zero chance of a drug-related arrest.

The Law Office of Sim Gershon is in the corner of the addict or alcoholic struggling with overcoming the disease while they've entered the maze of law enforcement and the justice system.

A strategic, experienced, caring approach

In many alcohol or other drug cases, the state can ask for probation or jail time or both. In addition if you are found guilty of a possession charge your license to drive will be suspended, just like in a DUI. In the case of a DUI your license can be suspended up to six months on a first conviction. In the case of possession or sale/delivery of controlled substances your license upon conviction will be two years.

“There are many legal defenses that can be used if you are arrested for any of these crimes. A common defense in the possession of a controlled substance is knowledge,” says Attorney Gershon. “If the person in a car that is stopped, for example, does not know that there are drugs in the car, it can be a strong defense in any trial.  The actual stop, of course, has to be legal: Even if you knew drugs were in the vehicle, if the stop was not proper, the evidence can be thrown out at a later hearing. I have handled many matters such as this. I look forward to developing your defense anywhere in Florida.”

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