Do You Need a Pompano FL Lawyer?

Have you recently been arrested? Are you facing serious criminal charges? Where do you begin to look for a lawyer that can help you get out of the mess you’re in? Each crime has its own elements that define it, which means having a highly skilled criminal attorney in Pompano Beach, FL can make a genuine difference to the outcome of your case.

What kind of crime are you facing?

Crimes like murder, drug possession, voluntary manslaughter, assault and battery, identity theft, public intoxication, fraud, and many others carry steep penalties. Did you know, if convicted, these crimes and many others can possibly lead to lengthy prison sentences and may become a part of your permanent record? Can you really afford to have a felony conviction? How will it effect your job? Relationships? Future?

What is a felony?

In most countries, a felony, is a serious crime. The term comes from the English, where felonies originally pertained to the confiscation of a convicted person’s lands and/or goods. A person that has committed a felony is a “felon,” and upon being convicted of a felony, the individual is thereafter referred to as a convicted felon or convict.

What is a criminal lawyer?

The definition of a criminal attorney is a lawyer who represents defendants in criminal cases. A criminal lawyer in Pompano FL can handle a variety of different criminal cases such as domestic violent crimes, sex crimes, drug and alcohol crimes, theft, embezzlement, driving under the influence, and much more.

What can attorney Pompano FLdo you?

Criminal attorneys represent defendants faced with crimes in state, federal, and appellate courts. The scope of practice for a criminal lawyer includes bail bond hearings, plea bargains, revoking of parole or probation hearings, appeals, and post-conviction issues. The job functions of a criminal lawyer Pompano Beach, FL include:

Investigate a client’s case evidence and interviewing witnesses

Drafting, filing and arguing appeals

Researching applicable case law, statutes, criminal codes and procedural laws

Building a solid defense for a client

Developing a case strategy

Negotiating with the prosecutor to plea bargain, lesser or dropped charges

Drafting, filing and arguing motions (motions to dismiss, suppress, etc.)

What kind of skills should your Pompano Beach criminal lawyer have?

Important skills your lawyer in Pompano FL should have are excellent oral and written skills, to be able to effectively argue your case in court before a judge and jury.  Your entire fate and the outcome of your case will hinge in large on your lawyers’ skills to persuade a jury of your innocence.

To build a strong case for a client, a lawyer needs to have flawless investigative and research skills. A criminal lawyer should also have strong creative and critical thinking skills, because it requires a lot of concentration and focus to build a legal strategy, study and analyze case laws and litigate complicated legal cases.

Other things you should look for in a criminal lawyer Pompano Beach, FL include an in-depth understanding of state, federal and local court procedures, evidentiary laws and local judges, to be able to maneuver through the criminal justice system with confidence and competency.

Finally, any lawyer you hire to defend you should have a stellar professional reputation, ethics beyond reproach and outstanding interpersonal skills. You should never hire an attorney based off an internet web search or strictly through word of mouth, too much is at stake to treat this situation lightly. It’s important for you to make an appointment to meet with several Pompano Beach FL criminal lawyers, and you should only choose the lawyer who you feel would best represent you with self-assurance and success.

Do you need a Pompano Beach FL criminal lawyer in a practice or a solo attorney?

Many criminal lawyers work in a private practice, with many other lawyers in the firm. However, some criminal attorney’s work solo and do not have any partners and are not affiliated with a large firm. Some lawyers work for non-profit agencies and others could be employed for the government as public defenders.

Criminal lawyers often work long, tedious hours with no set schedule. Frequently, you may meet with a criminal attorney outside of their office in places like hospitals, court houses, prisons and many other non-traditional locations.

If you are faced with serious criminal charges and think you may need a lawyer, you should not delay in your search. It can take time and more than a few consultations, before you find the perfect Pompano FL criminal lawyer to represent you against the litany of charges you face.